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Jarvis, Inc. has been successfully providing custom pistol barrels for thirty five years.  We serve competitive shooters, the military, law enforcement, hunters and recreational marksmen nationwide. Our reputation for quality gun barrels is well known throughout the firearms industry and by the shooting public. Whether you need increased accuracy, threaded barrels for suppressor use, or a run of custom made barrels, jarvis-custom.com can meet your needs.

Named 1995 Pistolsmith of the Year by the members of the American Pistolsmith Guild, Bill Jarvis and jarvis-custom.com, continues to offer shooting enthusiasts the highest quality gun barrels available. Be it for a 1911, Beretta, Heckler-Koch, FN, or Walther pistol, he has the expertise and knowledge to make sure every barrel is made to the highest standard and meets each customer’s expectation for complete satisfaction.

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With all manufacturing carried out at Jarvis, Inc., utilizing the industries most modern machine and inspection equipment, we assure that every gun barrel has been produced to the same high standards. Each barrel we manufacture receives the detail and care it requires.  The cost may be higher, but with Jarvis barrels you get what you pay for – unequaled quality, fit, and performance.

Manufacturing excellence and dedication to the production of the highest quality gun barrels has been and will continue to be our company’s guarantee.

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