Specializing in custom barrel manufacturing, we are recognized in pistol barrel articles around the nation for our precision and quality.  See some examples below:


Pertaining to 1911 Drop-In Barrel:

“…There were no malfunctions. Three 10-shot group at 25 yards averaged 2.14″ with….The smallest group measured 1.5″ with Federal ammo. This is excellent accuracy for an otherwise stock pistol.”
American handgunner


“Adjustment of the barrel´s collar for proper lock-up at the muzzle end is as simple as turning the collar. Shooters can eliminate all play at the muzzle end of the barrel without any machining…everything worked exactly the way it was supposed to. Shooting from the prone position, I watched the hole in my…target grow ever so slightly…I finally exhaled and examined the 5 shot 25 yard group that measured just .64 of an inch. Reliability was 100% with factory ammo and every bullet nose configuration possible was tired….If your looking to improve the accuracy of your 1911 without the expense of having a custom barrel fit by a gunsmith then given Bill Jarvis a call…”
Custom Combat Handguns


“To Jarvis, Inc…I just wanted to let you know that it is nice to get a product that will perform like I have read it would in the magazine.”
D.P. (customer)


Beretta Custom Pistols:
“Bill Jarvis had fitted this 92 with one of his match barrels in 6-inch length, which was then Magna Ported on its outside inch…and enhanced with the same action Jarvis gave to famed LAPD national champion John Pride, this gun perked 100% and never let me miss a shot…I keep it by my bed at home.”

Massad Avoob Handguns


“Bill Jarvis can make a Beretta or Taurus pistol sing. I´ve shot one of each done by Jarvis…Both Jarvis-worked guns will outshoot the factory version, to be sure. Key ingredients to this performance are the Jarvis custom barrels and his excellent trigger work.”
Walt Rauch Custom Combat Handguns


“Jarvis is probably best known as a barrel maker and he has turned out some wonderfully accurate revolver barrels in the past. I asked Bill to build me a gun on the Taurus PT-100 in 40 S&W. The work Bill Jarvis has done to the Taurus turns a good gun into a better one. Some of the best accuracy…and impressive average of 1.74″ for three 10-shot groups.”
Charles Petty American Handgunner


Pertaining to Glock Pistol Barrels:
“I shot both Glocks for accuracy at 25 yards….The standard Glock shot groups measuring 3.3″ to 4.6″….the one with the Jarvis barrel shot the best group of 1.3″. If my results with these two pistols are anything to go by, a Jarvis barrel is worth considering if you want to get more accuracy out of your pistol or shoot lead bullets.”

Handguns Magazine